Therapy and Counselling

Sometimes we all need to borrow someone else’s thoughts in order to see things in perspective and make the necessary changes in order to move on in life.

As a client

You  will have some idea of what you want as an outcome. If we haven’t already spoken by phone or email, you’ll have a brief conversation on arrival and get straight down to a detailed conversation about the changes you’d like to see as a result of us working together.

As a practitioner

I am a highly motivated Human Givens therapist, dedicated to briefness in enabling you to be resourced in order to confidently move forward with your life, taking as few sessions as possible to achieve this goal.

Counselling / Therapy

Conversations will involve sharing of one’s beliefs, their feelings about the situation and their awareness of themselves and relationships to others. That mix of thinking, feeling and sensing is different in everyone and it can change with time and with new life experiences. When the balance is right we will feel confident, in control and excited about life. If you’re one of the millions of people around the world challenged with any of the list below:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • trauma
  • OCD
  • phobias
  • over or under eating
  • addiction
  • post natal depression

How Healthy Pathways helps

Healthy Pathways can help to take steps forward. As a qualified Human Givens Therapist I will listen, guide and resource you further, enabling you to feel a positive difference even from the first session.

Most people progress through their life chapters with reasonable confidence and awareness; some have a few stumbles now and then, some stride forward regardless – most of us have stories about both.

Healthy Pathways counselling focuses on ensuring that your full range of emotional needs are being met well. Often it confirms to you that you’re way more equipped than you think you are. Secondly, it can highlight any limiting beliefs restricting you from having the range of choices you sense you want to have. You’ll leave clear about what the right next steps for you are going to be.

Counselling or therapy conversations might be about:

  • life choices
  • career change
  • relationships
  • healthy marriage
  • parenting
  • teenagers
  • successful divorce
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