What is Human Givens Therapy?

Human Givens Psychotherapy: for strong emotional & mental health

The Human Givens Approach?

The Human Givens Institute is PSA (Professional Standards Authority) Accredited and Human Givens Therapy is used within the NHS. 

The Human Givens framework offers a revolutionary new organising-idea derived from the latest scientific understandings from psychology, neurobiology, ancient wisdom and original new insights. It has evolved to be fast, brief and effective in helping people return to a healthy and sustainable psychological state and sense of wellness. Research has shown that more than 3 in 4 clients were either symptom free or significantly recovered in an average of only 3.6 sessions.

A 12-month evaluation of the human givens approach in primary care (2011): Peer reviewed evidence for the effectiveness of human givens therapy, published in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, showed that, of 120 patients treated by HG therapists in a GP’s surgery, more than three-quarters were either symptom-free or reliably improved as a result of the therapy. This was accomplished in an average of only 3.6 sessions. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_givens).

This new school of psychology and psychotherapy is rapidly being recognised as a profoundly important shift in our understanding of human functioning. It has been called “the missing heart of positive psychology.”

The startling success and practical nature of these new ideas, has resulted in this model moving into new areas, ranging from psychotherapy, education and social work to international diplomatic relations and the corporate world of business.

What are The Human Givens?

Our physical needs are intimately bound up with our emotional needs – the main focus of the human givens psychology.

We are all born with innate knowledge programmed into our genes. Throughout life we experienced this knowledge as feelings of physical and emotional needs. Whatever our cultural background, they are our common biological inheritance. They are the driving force that motivates us to become fully human and succeed in whatever environment we find ourselves in.

Emotions create distinctive psychobiological states in us and drive us to take action. The emotional needs that nature has programmed us with are there to connect us with the external world, particularly to other people, and to survive in it. They seek their fulfilment though the way we interact with our environment.

Consequently when these needs are not met in the world, nature ensures that we suffer distress – anxiety, anger, depression etc. and our expression of that distress, in whatever form it takes, has an impact on those around us.

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